Events in 1st decade

·1984, Yiyuan Energy-saving materials Co established
·1988, Mr.Lu Chengbin was appointed to be director and successfully exploited the SLOF insulation market.
·In 1990, CBC - 1 needled blanket line was built, upgrading the equipment and product
·In 1992, LuYang finished the shareholding system reform


Events in 2nd decade

 ·1995, CBC-II line needled blanket put into operation.
·In 1996, Luyang was identified as the “China largest Aluminium Silicate Refractory Fiber Production Base”
·Successfully developed high-grade product--- zirconium fiber blanket, and won the
title of "The National New Product"
·Luyang industrial park was set up after spending 3 years, a new Luyang was established.
·Successfully developed back-lining board, ceramic fiber paper, fiber textile and other deeply processing products
·Jul 7th 2000, the production line of ceramic fiber machine-made paper was put into operation
·Feb 2003, French expert Mr. Allen came to Luyang for technical communication
The statement of sales income during 1994 to 2004


The great event in the third decade

·Luyang’s stock was listed on the stock market formally at Shenzhen Stock Exchange and became the first listed company in this industry in China.
·The domestic production line was fundamentally complete. Subsidiary companies such as Xinjiang Luyang, Guizhou Luyang, Inner Mongolia Luyang were all built.
·Our company has been awarded many honors such as ‘National Technology Center’ and ‘National Laboratory’ in technology area.

·Successful development many world-class products, such as the Soluble Fiber, Pyro-Block and Microporous refractory board
·The imported rock wool production line with 50 thousand tons annual output was constructed and put into operation in 2013.



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