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Luyang ceramic fiber blanket is a kind of new type refractory material that supplied to the customer. It is with white color and regular size and without any binder to set fire-resistant, heat preservation and thermal insulation in one. Luyang ceramic fiber blanket can keep its excellent tensile strength, toughness and fiber structure when it is used in the neutral and oxidizing atmosphere. Luyang ceramic fiber blanket are unaffected by oil stain and it thermal and physical properties are recovered after drying. All the blanket products are manufactured by spinning fibers and have excellent chemical stability same as its corresponding bulk fiber and higher strength in room temperature and after heating.
Product characteristics
Low thermal conductivity, low heat storage
Excellent chemical stability
Excellent thermal stability
No efflorescence within service temperature.
Excellent tensile strength
Excellent sound absorption and heat insulation property
Typical application
Wall lining on industrial furnace
Back-lining materials
Thermal insulation of high temperature pipe
Thermal insulation in expansion gap of furnace brickwork, furnace door and head cover
Work materials of module and folded blocks
 Fireproof coating

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