Biowool Marine Blanket

▪ Biowool Marine Blanket

LYKR-900T Biowool Marine soluble fiber blanket is made of silicon, calcium and magnesium low bio-based raw materials, durability and hydrophobic inorganic alkaline earth silicate fiber products. It has a certain solubility in body fluids, reducing acid on human health is also the product of both fire and thermal insulation properties as a pure polar environmental soluble material.

◎Comply with the rules on non-flammable, A class divisions and the following requirements of Fire Test Procedures.
◎SOLAS meet, HSC safety rules, the EU 96/98 / EC Directive.
◎From the point of view of safety of life, to ensure life and property safety of ships and crew, the ship increased fire safety.
◎Improve comfort cabin living, improving the working environment at sea.


◎Environmentally friendly
LYKR-900T Biowool Marine soluble fiber blanket through experiments in mice, have a certain solubility in body fluids, and in the European Union 69/97 / EC carcinogen classification relieving safety and unrestricted category.
◎Safe and effective fire performance
Refractoriness>1580℃, pure inorganic refractory fibers, has excellent fire performance, stability, heat resistance, temperature class: A1 level non-combustible material
◎No flue gas
Pure inorganic fibers interwoven acupuncture molding, without any organic binder, in case of fire, the smoke will not produce completely noncombustible
◎Soft texture
100% totally fiber content, pure acupuncture interleaving process to ensure the product flexible material, easy to do construction package
◎Lightweight single square
Light weight, thin, single square light weight, can greatly reduce the weight of the hull of the boat lighter and more
◎Sound effects
According to GB / T 20247-2006 standards, testing LYKR-900T Bio Wool blanket thickness of 50mm, the bulk density of 64 and 96 of sound-absorbing.

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