participate in the drafting of standard


 No  standard No  standard name level of 
 1  GB/T17911-2006  Testing mothered of  refractory ceramic fiber products   Main drafting unit
 2  GB/T3003-2006  Refractory ceramic fiber products  Main drafting unit
 3  GB/T16400-2003  Aluminum silicate wool and products for thermal insulation  Participate in the drafting unit
 4  YB/T 4250-2011  The metallurgical performance of full hydrogen bell-type annealing furnace  Main drafting unit
 5  GB/T 25975-2011  Rock wool insulation products for building  Main drafting unit
 6  10J121  Exterior insulation construction  Participate in the drafting unit
 7  YB/T4258-2011  Incinerator and energy-saving curing furnace operation specification for color coated steel strip production line  Main drafting unit
 8  YB/T4259-2011  Energy-saving heating furnace operation and continuous hot galvanized steel strip production line specification  Main drafting unit
 9  GB50264-2012  Design specifications of industrial equipment and pipeline’s thermal insulation industry   Drafter
 10  GB50211  Specifications of industrial furnace masonry engineering’s construction and examination   Drafter
 11  GB/T 3995  High-alumina insulating firebrick  Main drafting unit
 12    Technical regulations of refractory material used in rotary cement kiln  Drafter
 13    Assessment method of steel structure elements’ fireproofing protection system  Main drafting unit
 14    Magnesium silicate fiber products  Formulated by Luyang
 15    Energy saving lining of industrial pit furnace  Main drafting unit
 16    Ceramic fiber fireproofing board used for building  Main drafting unit
 17    Rock wool exterior wall material used for building  Main drafting unit



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