Luyang participated “Metal+Metallurgy China 2016” Exhibition
2016-9-19 9:43:47

  • Luyang participated “Metal+Metallurgy China 2016” Exhibition
“Metal+Metallurgy China 2016”Exhibition in Beijing International Exhibition Center closed successfully on May 20.The exhibition is an international exhibition event that has long enjoyed a good reputation in areas of metallurgy, industrial furnace, foundry and refractory materials, more than 1,000 brands exhibitors domestic and foreign have participated.

In theme of our Explosion Products such as Weidun®Module Monolithic, Beike®Microporous Board,Huandun®Magnesium Silicate Blanket, Soluber® Fiber Blanket, Jingdun®Alumina Fiber Blanket ,accompanied by ceramic fiber series,insulating firebrick series,castables,rock wool products series, etc., Luyang made a all-round display of our products. At the exhibition scene, we have received high attention of participating merchants with our comprehensive, advanced and high-quality products, some merchants would come to our company and visit our factories to discuss cooperation matters.

Through this exhibition, we fully demonstrated our company's strength and technological level and the overall strength, and further enhance the good corporate image and reputation of our company in the metallurgical, foundry, industrial furnaces and ceramics industry, and has laid a good foundation for the company to develop new markets and new customers.

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